Arizona Saguaro Cactus - Sustainable, Seed-Grown Plants.

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I hope you enjoy this site and wish you the best of luck with your cacti!
More information on cactus cultivation and photos will be added soon.

Saguaro seedlings at 6 days from planting. Germination occured in 2 days.

Barrel Cactus below and Saguaro seedlings (2 Photos) at 6 Weeks

     Pair of Saguaros,                     With Barrels (Ferocactus)         and some Argentine Saguaros

Praying Mantis on cactus Praying Mantis

No pesticides or chemicals used here.
Argentine Saguaro

What a beautiful plant!

(This one will grow a lot bigger!)

Several months later
the stem is getting fuller.

Also, notice the new
tip growth.

Cacti seedlings approx 1 year old and some cups of cactus.

San Pedro flower Ariocarpus Fissuratus


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